Accounting, tax advice and solutions. Our professional expert advice is based on the information available and tailored to the specific situation of the client. We offer more valuable and readily enforceable solutions!

We provide consultations on the following issues:

  • Advice on inspections carried out by the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI) or the Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FNTT). Assistance in building a defence position (working in teams with individuals, lawyers, financial specialists).
  • Corporate liquidation, bankruptcy, debt transfer issues.
  • Real estate accounting issues.
  • VAT payer registration for foreigners. Expert consultations and comprehensive assistance in registering as a tax payer and VAT payer in Lithuania for foreign companies.
  • Income tax of residents (GPM) and Value added tax (VAT).
  • Business consultancy: improving business management and increasing profitability; assistance in budgeting, cash flow tracking and management, strategic planning, mergers and spin-off.
  • Representation of the client in court, before the VMI, Sodra and other public authorities, preparation of an expert report.

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Kaip auditoriai, dirbantys jau daugiau nei 30 metų, turime sukaupę daug vertingos patirties ir nuolat ja dalinamės. Todėl kviečiame prenumeruoti mūsų naujienas ir konkrečius patarimus finansų, audito, įmonių valdymo ir teisės klausimais.