Audit services

We carry out a formal independent examination of a company's accounting and financial statements and express an opinion thereon (financial audit) when it is required by the Law on Audit, also in the cases where an audit is not required but is requested by the shareholders, the directors or the buyer of the company.

The main objective of the audit is to assess whether the financial statements present a true and fair view of the situation of the companies and whether they have been prepared in accordance with the applicable statutory accounting standards. The outcome of any audit is an independent auditor's report. 

The most common types of requests from companies are for audit services, preparation of financial statements and company reviews.

Financial and tax issues with UAB Audito sprendimai means effective management of your company's finances.

We are ready to address with all your company's bookkeeping concerns and ensure that your accounts and finances are not only kept up-to-date with the most recent effective legislation, but also professionally presented with timely and professional solutions to guarantee your financial sustainability and profitability.

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We ensure a smooth and operative audit process:

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